Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Deliver Us From Evil book review

In “Deliver Us From Evil” by Robin Caroll, the plot of U.S. Marshall Roark Holland having to transport a heart to a critical witness of a case dealing with the largest child sex trafficking ring in history is a grabbing premise. The setting, of the Great Smoky Mountains as a backdrop during a blizzard, is filled with high energy throughout and this could also be another attention getter. Robin Caroll’s beautiful descriptions and story telling is magic. She has twists and turns, likable characters, and a little bit of romance for all to enjoy.

Why should men want to read this female author? The tastefully done suspense scenes with exploding elevators and gun violence taking you from Point A to Point B in Knoxville, Tennessee in one piece, hopefully is a first reason why. Another reason is how Roark works with a strong female character Brannon Callahan. She is a helicopter pilot for the U.S. Forestry Service and a real professional. They become attracted to one another and this is played out well. The borderline descriptions of what child sex trafficking looks like and how males and females deal with it, made me as a reader also interested in the storyline.

What makes this a Christian book? God is questioned, shown and called upon through various characters in this story. Brannon Callahan and her partner, Lincoln Vailes, are very good friends who happen to be coworkers. In many scenes with them, glimpses of God are told the best as they quiz each others knowledge of scripture.

I give this book a 3 ½ out of 4 stars and a rating of PG-13 for the content discussed. This book is for those wanting to escape into great storytelling. I hope you pick up a copy and enjoy it as I did.

Be blessed!


By the way, This book does not come out until February 2010.

“From Peanuts To The Press box” book review

Eli Gold, when you hear that name does anything come to mind? Well, unless you are a sports fan of NASCAR, college football or hockey you probably don’t have a clue. Eli Gold is the voice of University of Alabama football and a voice on the Motor Racing Network (MRN) every Sunday during race weekends. He is also on “NASCAR Live” Tuesday nights talking about NASCAR racing. If you are a die hard sports fan or know someone who is a die hard one then you need to read this book. It is titled “From Peanuts To The Press box: Insider Sports Stories from a life behind a Mic.” The stories told are endearing, funny, informative, sad and entertaining. I really enjoyed the book and will recommend it to all my friends who are fans of the sports mentioned above. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you Mr. Gold for an interesting and entertaining history book for this reader!

Be blessed….


Monday, November 9, 2009

Healing Promises Book Review

“The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” – Job 1:21…. This verse being the only words on one sheet of paper is how this novel began and it truly was fitting and needed before diving into this book. “Healing Promises” is the second book in the “Defenders of Hope Series” by Amy Wallace. This book picks up almost where the first book ended with a new camera lens shift from the main character in “Ransomed Dreams” which was the first book. The view is focused not on Steven Kessler and his son’s teacher Gracie Lang as the first. Instead, it’s on Steven’s partner Clint Rollins, an FBI Agent in the Crimes Against Children Unit, and his wife Sara. For all of you fans of Mrs. Wallace’s books, she did keep Steven and Gracie as sub characters of this book. The focus on Clint, who was shot in a standoff with a serial killer of small children, found him diagnosed with Cancer. His wife did not pick up on the signs during the running of procedural tests for gunshot victims. Why is that important? Sara Rollins is an Oncologist.

“Healing Promises,” dealing with a diagnosis of cancer and how a patient and a doctor deal with it as husband and wife, becomes real and personal on many levels. Sara’s dealing with it as a doctor, showing that lens, was perfectly told by Mrs. Wallace… as was the behavior modifications and desires of Clint as he tries to remain an agent.

I recommend this book to anyone that has dealt with or is dealing with the disease of Cancer. It’s also for those in their late teens and older if you have be blessed to not have encountered this diagnosis. You will be educated by the information presented during the story and the beautiful testimonies that are written by real life Cancer survivors or their families discussing this serious subject at the end. I think Amy Wallace, yet again, impressed this reviewer’s take on how she paints the pictures in words and beautifully shows all emotions in her storytelling. I give this book 4 out of 4 bookmarks.

Be blessed!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dangerous Calling Movie Review

When you hear the phrase Christian thriller, what comes to mind? Is it suspense and horror? How can Christian and horror go together? Does that mean Satanic and Devil Worshipping? Ok, so it is not normal. This new movie from the Daws Brothers named Josh and Jeremiah (writers / directors) have made a Christian suspense thriller with a horror twist. “Dangerous Calling” takes place in a fictious small North Georgia mountain town called Willit Springs. The story is about church politics and the perversion some people have on the church’s direction from week to week. It should be safe and secure some believe. No loud rock music and no change allowed. At least that is what one character Miss Pat Hinton believes. The other two main characters, Pastor Evan and Nora Burke, deal with a new church after the mysterious death of its former pastor and how possibly we all should handle the Miss Pat’s in churches today. I felt inspired and relieved that this movie finally dealt with an issue I feel is big in the churches now despite the denomination.

The lessons taught through story progression are noteworthy for “Dangerous Calling”… so is the acting. The Daws brothers have assembled a great cast who all live near Atlanta, Georgia. The brothers not only live and shoot their projects in Georgia; it seems they like to get their talent from there also. I hope that audiences from 15 to 75 see this movie and find hope and faith in it. I really enjoyed the twists and turns throughout the screenwriting and directing and hope they are around the independent film business for a very long time producing great quality products like this movie. Their brand of skewed and mind opening views of the Christian community is refreshing and needed for a better balance of the community in the future. My rating for this project is 3 out of 4 popcorn tubs.

Be blessed!


Monday, October 12, 2009

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry Movie Review

In this independent movie from 5 & 2 pictures, writer / director Rich Christiano brings together 2 TV veterans, Gavin Macleod and Robert Guillaume, to lead a group of unknown actors and actresses in “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.” Mr. MacLeod plays Jonathan Sperry an elderly man who has a love for God and an unusual way of talking to people about Him.

This movie is set in the summer of 1970. It is heartwarming as it tells of 75 year Jonathan Sperry befriending a 12 year old boy Dustin played by Jansen Panettiere the younger brother of Hayden Panettiere. Dustin tries to make a little money mowing yards for people every summer. One afternoon Mr. Sperry notices Dustin next door mowing his neighbors grass and walks over to ask if he would like to mow his. After Dustin excitedly agrees, this opened the door for Jonathan Sperry to begin telling his stories to him and Dustin’s two best friends that summer.

“The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry” tells of life lessons taught, Bible reading of the Book of John and love changing adventure that everyone should watch. If you want to have an experience like never seen before on the big screen or on video, then this is the movie. Everyone’s acting is superb and will stay in your heart and mind for a long time. The theme of this movie of “everyone can be somebody and make a difference in somebody else’s life” gives me just one reason why I wrote this review in hopes many will see this film.

For more information about the film go to there still is an ability to see this film on the big screen before it comes out on video.

Be blessed!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Osiris Alliance Book Review

What can I say about the first book written by Jack Ford? I like to read political intrigues and thriller type books to read as this one is. My favorite authors in this area are John Grisham, James Patterson and Robert Ludlum for favorite fiction writers. When I was asked if I would review “The Osiris Alliance” even though I have only reviewed Christian fiction books so far, I have been challenged to broaden my horizons in my reviews to express opinions on secular or non-religious books while still keeping my family focused reviewing. While I get what they mean, I believe that people can read anything if they want to and find a little bit of themselves in any fiction story without having to be put a Godly spin or Christian spin to the story. However, with this story, “The Osiris Alliance,” I am going to start a rating system on my reviews and consider reviews outside of my comfort zone.

Why do I want to start a rating system? Because I realized that there are no rating scales on books and this one requires a rating. The movie industry has one from Rated X down to Rated G so why not books. I will give you my rating of the book later at the end of my review.

“The Osiris Alliance” is a story of mystery, national security matters and dealing with a kidnapping of the Lindbergh child. It starts out on April 3, 1936 discussing the execution of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, the convicted killer of the famous pilot Charles Lindbergh’s child. After this is explained, the story jumps to 1998 New York City, NY or Long Island, NY to be precise. After which, the story slowly builds for few chapters after introductions and then it rockets until the end.

Adam Stark, a U.S. attorney for the Justice Department, has been brought in to investigate and break a smuggling ring to import and export nuclear weapons to the Russians. As he starts to investigate, he determines that a reporter Megan Delaney has been also investigating the same thing for her TV station and they decide to become allies in trying to solve this case. With many different turns and switching from the Lindbergh kidnapping to the Russians while trying to track down a missing journal with all the secrets, this story picks up steam on many levels.

Now as for the reasons I think this book got me thinking about a book rating, it became clear this should be rated R for excessive and unneeded excessive profanity, extreme written violence and the steamy love scenes described throughout. This book fits the “Goodfellas” level of profanity. I can see this book turned into a movie with the ways Mr. Ford describes scenes in detail for a screenwriter to use. This story seems to be a cross between “The Firm” meets “Clear and Present Danger” meets “The Bourne Identity.”

I do like “The Osiris Alliance” but would have enjoyed it better without the profanity and non-consideration of his reader. This is not a book for anyone under 16 to read. If you are a religious person, then you might want to consider if you should read this knowing what will take place as I have vaguely described. I will give Mr. Ford a 2 out of 4 stars rating for this first novel. I hope that if he writes again in the future he considers a wider audience to appeal to with less profanity and better description of feelings. The use of God’s name in vain is not a good description of anger. Until next time…

Be blessed!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Sacred Cipher Book Review

When I first heard about this book, “The Sacred Cipher,” it was pitched to me as a Christian version of an Indiana Jones type book that deals with history and the unlocking of secrets potentially back to Biblical times. It is set in three cities and two eras. I must say I loved the Indiana Jones movies of the past. With this book potentially being a Christian version of that was exciting to hear and I wanted to read it.

After beginning to read this book, I was even more interested in it as it told about Charles Haddon Spurgeon being a part of the story. While this is a book of fiction, the usage of the real life historical figures such as Mr. Spurgeon, Sir Edward Elgar, and Dr. Louis Klopsch makes it a more intriguing read than unknowns pursuing this lofty seemingly uncrackable cipher. A cipher called the “Rosetta Stone” was not cracked for many centuries. “The Sacred Cipher” feels so real, believable, and it could happen in our lifetime.

Since finishing this debut work by Terry Brennan, the impression left is a good one. When I read more about Mr. Brennan on the back cover, I was struck with the thought that Terry Brennan could be Tom Bohannon. This novel could really be Mr. Brennan’s adventure and the hopes that he could one day unlock something of biblical proportions like The Sacred Cipher. Mr. Brennan’s writing made me feel that I was one of his tagalong researchers learning and becoming a fan of this group whether as the computer geek or mister know it all Dr. Johnson.

For those that don’t want to see everything and how they went from point A to point B, this can be a turn off. If you removed an e-mail text message from Kallie Nolan in her research from the beginning explaining everything detailing with the Temple Mount’s history in Jerusalem and a Jewish ruler named Abiathar in Jerusalem and a few other little areas, you could shorten this book to be under 300 pages.

My hope for Mr. Brennan, in the future, is more of this same type of writing so a new saga in the realms of Indiana Jones or King Solomon’s Mines is begun and maintained. It will be cool to follow the adventures of Tom Bohannon and his quest to unlock more secrets of this world from a Christian point of view. How about Noah’s Ark and its possible find… or the lost city of Atlantis… or other lost civilizations to bring Christian and Jewish cultures into a more clear HD focus from the Bible dealing with possible end of the world scenarios if you are interested in those stories?

In closing, I think the historically minded and end of world interested people might really like this. Especially those who like Joel Rosenberg’s books, Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins’s Left Behind series, and Larry Burkett’s “The Illuminati” book.

Be blessed!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bringing Up Bobby Movie Review

This Christian comedy dealing with the dysfunctions of a family is a good story by the independent writer / director Chris Staron and his brother Nick the cinematographer. This movie was released straight to video last week after a few small audience screening premieres by Glowing Nose Films. While screenings at churches and theaters are still possible for a licensing fee, the movie is available for individual or family viewing at Family Christian Stores or your local Christian retailer.

After first meeting the Wyler family, I was struck by the strange unusual behaviors of Bobby (Alex Hinsky) a teenager struggling to find his identity and his older brother James’s (Marc Thompson) childish behaviors from fighting with big boxing gloves to the war table.

As the story unfolded, I realized that everyone in this family and their friends are dealing with an identity crisis. The Wyler children have to deal with their parents will finally since their deaths 12 years previous. Bobby’s best friend Eric (Adam Misenko) has to determine what is best for him to survive and be all he can be.

“Bringing Up Bobby” is a picture reminiscent of “Juno” or of Farrelly Brothers projects minus the sexual innuendos and crude humor they portray. The setting with “Bringing Up Bobby” is unique and seems to grow on you. This gives the Staron Brothers credibility to sell their film with an excellent crafted script and comedic timing throughout. The scenes after the birthday party at an indoor water slide park or Bobby and James fighting each other with the oversized boxing gloves are examples.

I hope that Chris Staron keeps writing great family scripts that are unique and still have a lot of lessons to learn that shows the gospel throughout. When James was at the war table, he was trying to communicate and connect with Bobby and whoever was there about the relationship with Jesus and the scriptures found in the Bible for hope. The discussions about the Bible were not preachy but given as FYI moments. I see great promise with these two brothers. Keep them coming!

If you want to find out more about this film head over to

Be blessed!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ransomed Dreams Book Review

In this first book of the “Defenders of Hope” Series by Amy Wallace; it starts out of the blocks on a wild ride on New Years Eve night with Gracie Lang going from happiness to fear as her life changes forever. This is just the beginning and yet the book somehow never lets off the gas that much with suspense interwoven with the romance. Mrs. Wallace’s ability to give a great show and tell performance with her stories dealing with depression and fear while finding the forgiveness, redemption through hope had me wanting more.

The problems with characters of Steven Kessler and Gracie Lang were believable that makes you want to root for them to find peace, faith, hope and love. Since this is a Christian fiction book, the faith part mixed with romance just around every corner was genuine infectious to read and sweet like dark chocolate.

If you are looking for a chick book to read, then this is not it. While this is written from a woman’s mindset, it is not overly done in its view. With Mrs. Wallace’s strong showing in her writing of faith, love and hope, she has set the bar for others to follow. Men need to read her books to appreciate a true fresh and bold approach to romantic suspense. I felt I learned something from this book as a man. I just hope that one day I can be written about in a positive way that is truth and not made up stuff to make everyone feel good. She is definitely in her comfort zone. I am looking forward to “Healing Promises”! Thank you for your Heart Chocolate Amy!

Be blessed!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where Do I Turn?

I have been hearing way too many stories over the last few weeks about death, illness through cancer and fear in what to do when life throws friends and family curves that just seem unfair. I must confess that when trials and taking blind leaps of faith come, I wonder why and how this can be. Haven’t I done enough or been good enough? I don’t do everything that is in the Bible, so does that mean my faith has to be tested often? I seem to find a stopping point by listening to either God or others. You might say “I don’t care what others think or what God thinks if I have to go through cancer. How can God be about love or forgiveness and this happens?” When you get a cancer diagnosis, it might be the 30th thing that has gone bad for you over many months in your life. Why does God love me if He wants me to go through bad things?

I know that I said that I was going to start posting reviews for books starting last Friday but I felt that I need to post this first because I came across 2 scripture passages that I think will help any of you who are dealing with death, illness, or trials. God does love you and me according to these passages. They are 1 John 2:12 -14 and Matthew 6:25-34. I don’t really know if this blog will help me and you to fully heal because things in life are hard to figure out. However, I do know that when I have difficulties in life I try to always turn to God and try to figure out life through His eyes and what His words for me to read and say.

In closing, I am not trying to convince you of anything but am just offering information and hope you will at least look at it with an open mind and heart. I have never been afraid of turning to God. Where do I turn for God? My heart turns to Him in prayers. After that, it is his word. I hope that you give it a try and see if things for you or your friends start turning around. If you want to know how to pray, I suggest looking at Matthew 6: 9-13.

Be blessed!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Being Alive

So I have been away awhile from this blog thing. I don't know if you care that I have been away or even if I am alive to continue writing here. But I must say that I have been very reflective in the last few weeks since about April. I have questioned myself whether if I am going the right way in my life. If yes, what do I need to do to feel more energetic and alive with my time, feelings and my writing? So a question was posed to me and I decided to answer it.

"If you really want to be an author, what are you not doing to show them you are alive?" Another question I thought after that was the following. What if I never become a published book author if self-publishing is a bad idea and professional editing is expensive and I want to be a known writer?

Then last month I was listening to people who were trying to do what I want to do for a career and got a few ideas on doing something challenging and fun and feel like I am alive and being productive in this arena called writing.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to start posting book reviews for you to read and decide if you would like to read those books. I will still do movie reviews, if you know independent directors or producers of Christian and Indy Family movies and want a review of their film projects, for your entertainment as well. I hope that you will find in the future that my blog is a place that you want to drop by on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If you do I thank you now for giving me some of your time for reading my words. Thank you also for praying for me if you do. Let me know what you think of my blogs.

Finally, I will blog about various topics if you would like for me too that has a Biblical prospective that I have learned. Drop me an email at for movie reviews, book reviews and topic requests for this blog. Guess that is it for now.... I will have my first book review up this week so be looking.

Be blessed!


Friday, May 15, 2009

The Way Home Movie Review

On Tuesday evening of this week, I went to a movie premiere at the Fox Theater. Being at this historic place and seeing a movie where “Gone With the Wind” also premiered almost 70 years ago, I must say “The Way Home” could be a historic event on the big screen at the Fox as well.

“The Way Home” is a true story of a family in Carroll County, Georgia. It deals with a missing two year old boy, Joe, and the Simpkins family’s crisis in hopes of finding him alive. In a very moving and excellent written story, it shows how one community rallies around a family to help them search for their little boy.

Dean Cain (Lois and Clark fame) playing Randy Simpkins, Lori Beth Edgeman (Army Wives fame) playing his wife Christal, and Sonny Shroyer (Enos of The Dukes of Hazzard fame) lead an excellent cast of actors portraying the events in “The Way Home.” This story shows that with God all things are possible and with hope, prayers can be answered.

If you want to see a movie that is the best touching and life altering story of the year then THIS IS IT. It will be coming to a theater near you soon. For more information and a trailer about the movie check out . I promise you that you do not want to miss this in the theaters. After you see it, you probably will want to buy a DVD copy later to watch over and over. I know I will because Christian and family movies filled with lessons and hope are what I want to see more of in the theaters and buy in the stores. Who knows, this movie might be as historic as “Gone With the Wind” is some day? Do you know your way home?

Be blessed!


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who Needs God?

Is this an important question for each one of us? Who needs God? I am not going to have a debate on if God exists because that is not the point to this blog. I say that he does and it is important to have God on your side. You might say that no one gives anything to you and selfish actions are the only way to make it in this world.

Ok, so I don’t need God. What do I need to be happy? What do I do to be free of guilt? How can I make sense of living? I don’t know the answers to these questions and neither can you if God doesn’t exist. The Holy Bible is just a book if God is imagination. Science can have no foundations for real basis theory because we don’t know what various molecules and atoms were when this planet was made. There was not a written language many experts agree. The information presented was written down thousands of years later. Now if God is not real, then I need nothing to be happy, safe or smart. This sounds stupid you may say. Then God must exist. We need to be happy. We need to be safe and guilt free. We need answers to life. God exists and He listens to our prayers and they are answered daily. Miracles exist because of God. Inspiration happens because of God. This all leads me to 2 questions that need answers.

Why do we want to upset God and expect love, forgiveness and answers? What will it take for leaders, politicians, executives, pastors, and us to wake up or shut up for Him to give the answers to all eternal peace? If we had hope of eternal peace then it would not matter how far taxes are increased or how people must act to be perfect in this world. Yes I said it…. We have to be perfect in this world or we are failures. Why else do we work so hard and keep trying to be better to gain nothing? We do not truly gain things in this life because when we die all of this stuff is gone and just junk for others to sell at yard sales. Who needs God? I do. You do. Terrorists do. Prisoners do. Pastors do. Scientists do. Come on and join me in the Wide Awake group or Wake Up group and find peace, love, joy, and a safety net from God. Be blessed!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Without Faith then What

Every time that I seem to take two steps forward, why does it seem that I really take them backwards? I have heard two statements over and over in my life. If at first you don’t succeed then try and try again. The other is unless you are humble in all your prayers then the Lord will not hear you. I want to devote this blog to these two statements.

1. If at first you don’t succeed then try and try again. I must tell you that I am really tired of this statement and do not think there are ANY positives that come from it. So why do we use such a lame comment to people that we like, love or work with? I think it is used to make ourselves numb to all disappointments, pain and trials in the day to day activities. How do we prevent these things that make us want to crawl in our holes? I don’t know or I would not be making the same mistakes. I have been trying to make my mark so to speak for most of my life. I have felt a burden for a number of years and like an outcast at other times. It’s like being on the outside looking in and just can’t get anywhere. I believe you can keep trying until Jesus comes but if there is no positive change or success in your life then the statement is just a statement and not a fact or fiction. I also believe, to use this statement, we give a whole lot away to just to either be heard or have a real and truthful attempt at what we are supposed to do. I can try different approaches by going through a window, front door or even the back door but I have to give something away to do that. I believe we all give away Faith. Faith is given because that is what we want from other people to us. When we have great problems with their giving which are failures or whether being taken advantage of, it does leave you empty. I can say for me that you are definitely right most of the time. How do I find hope or faith in my trials and attempts? I find that hope in God. God is always listening to me and teaching me even when I act like a fool.

2. Unless you are humble in all your prayers then the Lord will not hear you. I realize some of you might read this and think this is a judgment statement. The similar statement is biblically founded in Micah 6:8. For those of you that think God always hears me or that God knows my heart and my intent, be careful in what you believe. While God does listen, He might give you exactly what you ask as a punishment. How do I know this?

I have asked God in the past for things so that I could understand better the situations that I and others face on a daily basis. It taught me more than I ever wanted to learn or experience in my life. I have learned that poor are poor for a reason, rich are rich for a reason, and why people have gifts that I don’t have or abilities not at a professional level. These are in God’s plans and teachings. It might be to teach a person, group, nation or the whole world. I suggest you read the Holy Bible. There are examples after examples that have a lesson for the various types I just stated.

Ok, you probably are wondering why I decided to use this second statement for this blog. It is another example I know that deals with faith and not in a literal sense. If you are humble in your prayers and in all your ways acknowledge Him, the Lord will place His faith in you. How can this be? When Adam and Eve were created thousands of years ago, God placed all His faith and love in them. Then He sent Jesus His son and placed all His faith in him. Today, God created us and placed all his faith in us. What does he expect from us? I believe it is to love one another, be humble, and forgive always. This is all very hard for me to do all the time. I will do my best because I have placed my faith in Him and all I desire is His 100% love and support just as he desires mine. Be blessed!


Monday, March 30, 2009


I watched a movie this past weekend called “Knowing”. Before I went to see this movie I saw the commercials and the descriptions about it. It deals with a boy and his father finding a piece of paper with numbers all over the page. It is a code when deciphered unlocks past major events that happened all around the world and even a couple not known yet. I was not expecting a Da Vinci Code movie or Biblical film but I had hopes that some religious stuff would be in it since it deals with everybody and not just a select group or groups. When I left the movie, I was very disappointed in the outcome. I left knowing that still nothing good comes from Hollywood when it is about hopes, dreams and future events for all to see.

Why would “Knowing” be more than just entertainment? It would be good entertainment if the script had a completion and didn’t run out of steam. This movie had good action in it and was a little scary but the ending was disappointing. It ran around hoping that the last clue answered all the codes on the paper.

What is Knowing all about in our day to day lives? The word knowledge means the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association. (Merriam-Webster)

I believe knowledge is gained through factual education whether from schooling, church, reading, or life experience. Driving home after the movie, I started to think about what is important in knowing anything in life. I also further thought about why it is important to know the facts of the Bible, God and Jesus being my personal Lord and Savior. I realized two things. I think knowing anything in life is what keeps us alive and gives us a purpose. I also remember a statement that a friend of mine wrote me in a message the other day. “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others. For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” I feel that while I was disappointed in the movie “Knowing,” I am glad that I saw it for one reason. It caused me to reflect and know that God has life all mapped out for us if we will listen. Knowing this is all the “Knowing” that I will ever need. Be blessed!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Where is God?

Have you been watching the news the last few weeks and heard about the attacks on Religion? I was watching Glenn Beck on Fox News last week and he tried to have many different beliefs to address the problems he felt was really starting to get crazy and out of control. There is a law that has been passed in Connecticut that is starting to censor people’s speech when it is dealing with God. There are college students in California not allowed to pray and express their beliefs even if they are just praying for a professor’s illness.

What is going on people? Have we really stopped giving a crap about this world, culture, financial systems and so much more? It really seems to be that way everywhere I look and listen. So how dare we as mortals blame God for our problems and concerns? How dare we even have the right to ask for God to forgive us? But somehow out of my level of competence, God does give mercy to people like Barney Frank, Bernie Madoff, the Pope, and even murderers and rapists of all types.

The type of murderers and rapists are the serial ones and governments who don’t allow people to choose for themselves. Our U.S. government forces us to accept what happens from Bailouts to law changes to whatever they want to do. Does it matter how you vote every 2 and 4 years in politics? I used to believe so but now all the politicians act a like. When does God start doing things to make things better?

God makes this better when we do what he asks. This does not mean that it all comes out of the Bible either. For all of you anti-Christian types, God does talk to you every day even when you do or don’t want Him to. Where is God?

God is everywhere. Omnipresent and omniscient…. This means all knowing, all seeing and always present everywhere in the universe. How do I know this?

People get direct answering like when I need wind right now and it does at that moment. My example here would be at the end of the movie "Tommy Boy" with Chris Farley asking for the wind. The word of God as well describes Him and what he does in both Old and New Testaments in many places. He even took the form of Jesus for a time. I say all of this to say…. People, please talk with God. This means everyone including politicians, news media, murderers and rapists. God wants to hear you and talk with you. If you need an interpreter, then contact a religious person or psychologist that is educated in distinguishing the differences in everyday life and God's voice. Also what is God and what is just scientific stuff. People we really need God whether you want to accept it or not. Be real with him and he will be real to you. Be blessed!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tough Enough?

Recently, I have been reading a lot of information that several editors, agents, and publishing liaisons have recommended that I read. It has been blogs, books, e-books, and magazine articles about the craft of writing and the ways to get around the pitfalls of the publishing world. I find most of these people funny in their approach. What they all pretty much say is the same thing in slightly different ways with a different cover / presentation. I will say that I appreciate the information especially from one literary agent and one publisher that has been on both sides of the picture as a writer and editor for a publisher. I also appreciated the knowledge given by all the others willing to share and play in the sand of writing so I can better determine what the future pursuits are going to look like and save my headaches and sleepless nights.

Then I read this one blog by one literary agent and it got me really thinking. She talked about how everyone who wants to be a writer needs to adhere to the most important rule of the writing process. This rule is having a “Thick Skin.” She admitted that she is not thick skinned and neither were all but one man who commented on her blog. A ton of brick seemed to hit me at that moment with one question flashing in my brain. Why do people love to lie to themselves and others that they have it all together and really do not?

Jesus told his followers in the Scriptures of how they can know what a shepherd should look like and sound like in John 10: 1-6 and then proclaiming that he was the Good Shepherd from verses 7 to 21. Jesus proved what a thick skinned individual looks and sounds like by his actions. So why are we trying to be thick skinned and be another Jesus? Why do we need arrogant people to show they are really weak and are indeed thin skinned? The geniuses of this world have their weaknesses. The people who have had a hard time in life already know they are thin skinned so why point it out and not be positive. Being positive is not that hard. It just takes a moment in time to do it. It will make you feel better and them as well. If you don’t try being positive, then what was Jesus’ death for? Are you tough enough to be a one man show? Are you tough enough to figure out all your problems without God? Why try to do it and then realize that we are all thin skinned. Be kind one to another look at the good it does. Be blessed this week!


P.S. If you would like to read that awesome blog by that agent go here :

Also for all the people that wrote helpful books to make it easier, Thanks! Go read Acts 4:32 – 37 and remember what it says because I think it describes those people who wrote those book and might just show you a glimpse of you.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Friend

Recently I have been reading different stories of very famous figures in many arenas both past and present. I read in one story about how a great General called his officers friends. He would say My Friend Rank so and so. In the Bible there were many so called friends that were actually enemies and then there were true friends that were like brothers and sisters. One example of those so called friends that were enemies was Cain and Abel. Another example of so called friends was Joseph and his brothers that fought and still are fighting over the Holy Land and Israel to this very day.

My favorite biblical so called friends are Judas and Jesus and Simon Peter and Jesus. As for friends like brothers or sisters, there are Jesus and John who then turned to a friend named Paul to carry out the many stories to be told to this very day. My favorite in this category is the relationship of Jesus and Mary his mother. They seemed like more of friends than mother and son.

What is important I believe to note in all of these examples of friends are two key points. 1. Friends mean that there is a level of trust, love/admiration, and companionship between them that says I expect that you would give your very life for me because we are friends. 2. Friends, even as enemies, understand what each of the others strengths and weaknesses are. They respect one another because of this and try to make sure each is around in the end for prosperity and good will possibly. It is definitely a love and a hate relationship because of envy perhaps.

Since I have really been looking at this theme of My Friend, I have wondered do I fit in either key point. If not then, what in the hell have I done with my life? If so then, I would hope it is number one. I have had many friends and family members to pass away recently and have felt envy for them. Don’t get me wrong I am mourning their passing. I am envying because they are definitely in a better place with no worries and pains and the crap we deal with every single day. I am looking forward to my ultimate day to go home and be with them in Heaven. I also realized with most of them quite frankly is that I am both of those key points above. Am I a “My Friend”? Are you a “My Friend”?

I will leave you with two quotes that I believe will help with those answers. “A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for a difficult time.” Proverbs 17:17

I also heard comedian Jerry Clower once say, “Friend are you ready to meet God today; because if you are not then you must climb down from this tree away from the coon up there because he’s liable to eat you alive.” Now that quote I have by Jerry Clower is actually a paraphrase from a comedy skit about one of the first ever raccoon hunts in Yahoo City, MS he went on with the Leadbetters. If you want to laugh until you cry then listen to one of those old CD’s of a great man who has now gone on to Heaven. My hope friend from all of this is, you ARE “My friend” and that you call me that as well. Be blessed!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Jesus Wept

Jesus Wept. Short and simple statement if you want to call it one. So what does that mean? Is it just to say Jesus wept and nothing more? It is short and sweet all wrapped in a box. It is called the shortest verse in all of the Holy Bible. So why did Jesus cry? Does it really matter to know this fact in history? What about other facts in history? Are they important and matter to be known? The shortest statement of Jesus Wept is an amazing example, I believe, to show how simple life really is and yet complicated at the same time.

Why does the legal system make things so complicated every day? Why do lawmakers really not care about the American people in Washington, D.C. and pad their own pockets with pork? Does anyone in life have the right to make things so complicated and morally unfair to another human being? Are Environmentalists important and do they care since they try to make things greener? What have been the conclusions to their agenda? All that I see is complex nothing. Gas prices have gone so high that it is one of the reasons why the economic system world wide has broken down so we can’t even pay the low stuff now.

How do I know this? It has been one of the indicators watched very carefully before the Wall Street / Economic bust. The ice caps have not melted recently but indeed grown. No Environmental group wants to admit that and that is a shame. No one wants to stick their necks out these days to predict what will happen with the economy or the housing market or you name it. Why? Complex maybe?

Now that Washington doesn’t know and the environmentalists don't know, what is the simple solution? Jesus wept and died for all people in this world whether they want to admit it or not. Jesus is the simple solution. Pray to God for forgiveness and see what happens. It’s ok and no one needs to know but God. Jesus wept is a simple statement and the shortest verse in the Bible for a reason.

Remember KISS in school? Keep it short and simple! Why do people want to always forget that? Obama doesn’t have the answers to all our problems. Bush did not either. Why do we look to Politicians and business people for answers? They keep getting us in deeper troubles. You can not serve both God and money. God wants to help so why not ask? Jesus wept, I believe, for all He saw then and for future events and still died to save the world. If you want to discuss this blog then email me or reply with your thoughts. Be blessed!



Ok I am decided to start something a new here on my blog and will do this from time to time. It may be monthly at first but can be more often based on request and demand. If there is a movie that you would like reviewed from a Christian perspective or a family rating then by all means e-mail me or respond to this blog with the title and how soon. If it is really quick like a day or two before your viewing it then provide an e-mail address so I can just directly contact you. Now on with my first review….

Oversold is a new independent movie from SUMOJACK and Elevation Church which is directed by Paul Morrell. This movie is a live adaptation of the biblical story of Hosea. It is a story about a young man Joshua that is a pastor of a church and is confront with sin and persecution right in his face. Joshua meets a stripper while visiting Las Vegas on a vacation one week from his church. The stripper Sophi is not what she wants to be and yet is what she had to be for many years. Joshua spends a lot of time with her and they fall in love and get married. In an alarming set of real world events and behavior shows the raw emotions of people and how they deal with sin from multiple sides. This is a great story of redemption and grace. The music is a great touch for the movie as well with familiar voices that people may have heard on the radio. Jill Phillips and Sunshop23 are just two acts that have appearances with their music in this film.

Oversold is a movie that I would recommend to anyone for a cheap yet good entertainment value. I give this movie 3 ½ popcorn tubs out of 4. I hope that future productions from SUMOJACK are an impact and even better going forward. Be blessed!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Take Care How You Listen

Recently, I have been pondering about ideas. When I come up with an idea is it me or is it God? Doctors say dreams are the brains way of understanding events in your life. Pastors I have heard speak say the dreams are God’s way of communicating with us. Is this all true? I have also heard it said that if you believe it it will come true! Wow that is a load statement. Can this really happen? What I find hard is when I think of something whether Godly or not, what will happen? I believe that God does exist and that he will not give you an idea unless you need it or he needs it. How do I know that he exists?

Miracles that are happening every day are one example. The events that have been written about many thousands of years ago in the Holy Bible are coming true or have been already uncovered which is another proof. Now that God is real and the inspirations that happened many years ago have become true, do inspirations still happen even today? I say yes. I believe God proves it with what he gives us to deal with and ideas if we will listen and be quiet long enough to hear Him.

How do dreams become reality? Do you act on them? If you do like me then God makes them real. But you might say I believe some idea given to me is real and I can see, feel, taste and want it so bad and I can’t take it anymore by my actions. Some wise person once asked me, “What are you not doing to make it happen?” I would say there is nothing I am not doing but I want to quit because I can’t take it anymore. He then told me, “then that is what you are not doing. You are not doing what it takes to see it through. God does not need you to achieve anything in life but instead wants you.” I have remembered those words for the last 12 years. While I forget them a lot of the times, when I do remember it makes me look at my life differently. What my dreams are telling me are God’s way of giving us glimpse of our futures and expectations. It has been tough for me though the last several years in my life and I want it to go better.

My dreams are to be a freelance writer who makes ideas in words come to life. It doesn’t matter if it is a book, a blog, a magazine article or whatever. All I want to do is do what God wants me to do. How you may ask that I know God wants me to do this? It is because I can’t stop thinking about it 95% of the time and that excites me. This is how I know that God wants me to do it. It bangs around in my head like shoes in a dryer. Some day I believe it will happen! If it doesn’t then God will make new dreams become reality. I don’t think so because I have about gone crazy on these ideas and I don’t accept it will not happen.

In Luke 8:18 Jesus said to his followers, “Therefore, take care how you listen. For whoever has, more will be given to him; and whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him.” (Holman CSB) I believe Jesus was using this example to show people that God will give what he wants you to go after and be positive. Let it shine because if not then it will go away. Dreams are not just dreams ladies and gentlemen. They are discussions to give you information to make your life right. Dreams will become reality in one way or another by either you or someone else if you do not listen to God. Are you ready? God wants us to join his loving arms and listen to you every word. Be blessed!


“The Apologetics Study Bible” by Holman Bible Publishers provided today’s scripture.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bailouts and Stimulation

Are you getting tired of hearing the same news stories like I am every day about bailouts and the Stimulus Package for Americans? It will help us to be better Americans the lawmakers say. It will grow the economy and even help you pay off your debts is another way it is stated. Somehow though the money never comes does it. The last stimulus package the media says helped the rich people and this one will help the selected few again called the minorities possibly or the poor. If this stimulus package gets sent out and you still get no money, what really happened? All I can say is I don’t care what you do anymore government and media. We are over taxed and underpaid.

Besides people telling our egos that you are a fool for listening, through all of this bailout and stimulus can we ever really get both of these things another way without the government’s help. I say yes. How you may ask? Have you ever gotten on your knees and prayed to God for one solid hour a day for one week? Why not? Have you done things that were easier? You know like, reading a book on how to fix all of these problems or watch an instructional video or TV show about it. Have you called a financial advisor and got an “I don’t know what to do?” If you read or watched and not got a satisfied response, I imagine in your heads it might go something like this. “If all those ideas were easy, then enough with this and then watch a movie or buy beers at a bar to drown the worries away for just a while.”

So now you are back to the prayer idea. I hope that you pray to God for an hour and then you get an answer after a week or a month of doing this. What happens might surprise you. Were you bailed out or stimulated? I say you got insights that many don’t have. Answers of prayer are miracles from God. Do you know how to make sense of them? No you might say, because I have gotten an answer or do not understand what Numbers 20:7-8 says in a prayer.

What do you do about it? Nothing? Did you go to a minister? Did you go find a Bible and do what it actually says? I challenge everyone who reads this blog and anyone you tell about this blog to do something for God. Why God? Why not? You might say, “I don’t believe God is real or God is a hoax or I am an atheist.” But did you really try? I pray that we all ask God for a bailout or stimulation in our lives. It is possible if we will only ask. Be blessed!


Friday, January 30, 2009

Are you scared or sad? Inspiration follows

How happy am I? How happy are you? Has life been fair and easy on you? Did most everything work out for us? Are you ever scared? Can I be what I really want to be? While I know that I can not answer those questions for you and am intrigued what those answers are, I will take a shot at answering those complex questions and hopefully can relate a good story / lesson for all of us to learn. How happy? I am happy as much as I want to be. I know that is what I want to answer but life will throw me a barrage of problems and it can detour me from maintaining happiness and peace. Why is that you may say? I believe because EVIL wants us to lose so it can win. Who is EVIL? EVIL is Satan. Satan, ever since leaving Heaven many centuries ago, has been learning and getting stronger with Spiritual Warfare. He even attacks many faiths including Christianity and Scientology even if they don’t want to admit it. How happy am I? Most days 90% because of the variables and that is great considering it is about as close to perfection as any human can be. On the other days, it can be as low as 10% and then I get a spiritual boost. How can this be possible? It’s because God exists and talks with me and walks with me. Has life been fair and easy? No. Does most everything work out for us? I believe it is all about perspective. I would answer yes mostly. Now that I have answered some of those questions, I want to tell you a story about a woman who has had a little of Hell go on in her life. She does have though a rose garden the size of the state of Texas filled with love, happiness and family that has taught her so much and been by her side even when they did not have too. Amy lost her father in a car accident when she was young and then a short time later her mother died of cancer. It was just her and a sister for a long time. When you ask Amy about that past she doesn’t want to talk about it much. Instead she wants to talk about all that she has gained. 5 step siblings and they are mostly real close in age. She has strong people around her all the time. She says, “I know my God is real. I know that bad things do happen to good people and that’s ok. I live my life knowing that everything happens for a reason and it makes me stronger. God will not give me more than I can handle. Not everyone is meant to be in our lives forever, some are simply just passing through, making an impact.” When I heard Amy say these things it really got me thinking deeply. How do I look at life and have I really had a bad life? If I know that I am ok and God will not give me more than I can handle, then what impact am I in another person’s life? Then I ask why would a loving God put other people through Hell if I am not or have not gone through a living Hell. Amy helped me with this when she sent me a message via e-mail one day. “There are times when I say why me God…. I see it as life lessons or spiritual lessons which help me define who I am. It’s been repeated to me that ‘I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my parents?’ My reply is you move on with life in their honor. Your past does not define you it is what makes up the pieces of who you are… I know that when I truly turn my problems over to God things get better.” Amy is an amazing inspiration to me because of her grace, love, and strength. While she is not perfect, that is awesome because she keeps going and hoping. I believe it makes her and I strive to be better this day and the days to come. Money and stuff can not define you I believe and will NEVER be possible to take to the next life. That life is Heaven I believe. What do you value most about this chance in life? What do you strive to be better at? Jesus, for Amy and I, values that you love one another and try your best every single day. He came to this life, not to be a Savior even though he is, but I feel to be an inspiration to me and you. Just like Amy, Jesus helps me on a daily basis to remember all the bad and the good in my life and file it away. If I am not better for a long time then that is ok because I am trying to get there. One day when that last breath is taken by me, my hope is that God says "well done my son now rest as a thank you. You inspired others like all my children who accepted me." May Amy’s story inspire you and if not then give God a try and see if he inspires you. Be blessed!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

And so it Begins….

Hello fellow bloggers and readers who have read this blog in the past. I am back to the writing process here on this page. I was going to submit the first blog of the new year a few days ago but I have been sick and now ready to blog away for what I feel will be a very interesting 2009. Why is it going to be interesting? Well, I can be political, philosophical or candid about it. I will give you a little of all of those. Politically, the President to be is going to be sworn in in a few days and he as you already know is black, a Democrat and in uncharted waters which makes it very historical. Philosophically speaking, Mr. Obama is in a minority position for multiple reasons. His views on society and power will be very different than most I believe. Candidly, because of the economy being the way it is and the historical move by Mr. Obama will make it an interesting year to follow both politically and economically. I also believe with all the various new things that each year brings and the shift of powers in the government will test many people’s theories that might all be proven wrong or right. Since we are starting off things fresh and new, I have decided to take a slightly different approach to this blog. I am going to continue themed blogs as in the past but have decided to also address things that are going on in the news and try to address them from God’s point of view and how that impacts us. I will hopefully show the pluses and the minuses of the issue and might even throw in a Bible verse or two that I feel might adhere to this situation. I hope that you will all want to continue reading and even add your thoughts about what I write. I also hope that you find these blogs both interesting and informative. I will try my best and pray that God can use me in the future writings. Happy New Year to you all and be blessed!