Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bringing Up Bobby Movie Review

This Christian comedy dealing with the dysfunctions of a family is a good story by the independent writer / director Chris Staron and his brother Nick the cinematographer. This movie was released straight to video last week after a few small audience screening premieres by Glowing Nose Films. While screenings at churches and theaters are still possible for a licensing fee, the movie is available for individual or family viewing at Family Christian Stores or your local Christian retailer.

After first meeting the Wyler family, I was struck by the strange unusual behaviors of Bobby (Alex Hinsky) a teenager struggling to find his identity and his older brother James’s (Marc Thompson) childish behaviors from fighting with big boxing gloves to the war table.

As the story unfolded, I realized that everyone in this family and their friends are dealing with an identity crisis. The Wyler children have to deal with their parents will finally since their deaths 12 years previous. Bobby’s best friend Eric (Adam Misenko) has to determine what is best for him to survive and be all he can be.

“Bringing Up Bobby” is a picture reminiscent of “Juno” or of Farrelly Brothers projects minus the sexual innuendos and crude humor they portray. The setting with “Bringing Up Bobby” is unique and seems to grow on you. This gives the Staron Brothers credibility to sell their film with an excellent crafted script and comedic timing throughout. The scenes after the birthday party at an indoor water slide park or Bobby and James fighting each other with the oversized boxing gloves are examples.

I hope that Chris Staron keeps writing great family scripts that are unique and still have a lot of lessons to learn that shows the gospel throughout. When James was at the war table, he was trying to communicate and connect with Bobby and whoever was there about the relationship with Jesus and the scriptures found in the Bible for hope. The discussions about the Bible were not preachy but given as FYI moments. I see great promise with these two brothers. Keep them coming!

If you want to find out more about this film head over to www.bringingupbobby.com

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