Friday, February 22, 2008

Peek A Boo I See You

When we grow up as children and learn the games that generations have known for decades and decades, how do we know the correct way to play it? I must confess! I want to know how to play a game the right way the first time that I play it. Do you? When we play “Marco Polo” in the pool where one person closes their eyes and many people scatter out through the shallow end of a pool, is that fair? The person calls out Marco while the others say Polo. We learned to play a game where blindness matters and hearing does too. Which of these is most important to you in your every day life? Is it Sight or hearing or all the senses? I choose all the senses. In “Hide and go Seek” we learn that someone stands in a corner or in a room and counts while others hide. When that person finishes counting, they go find all of them until their turn is over. The important point of these games I believe is that rules and guidelines were laid down on how to play a long time ago for many generations to follow and play. What if there were no definite rules or ever changing rules? Is that fair? In John 10:35 – 41, Jesus faced his accusers about his behaviors and actions. The rules for him seemed to be always changing on him. So Jesus dealt with it by showing them, in my opinion, a very valuable lesson. He asks them “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” Then he explains that he is Him. He says, “For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.” I believe this is very important for not only them to hear and learn but for many generations that have come after them to learn as well. What I find amazing about the quote I gave you is that Jesus came down to die for you and me so that those blind to the truth will find it and believe. Those who think they know the truth not being Jesus is the Savior of the World will become blind. I find that powerful and that the rules are preset for you and me to follow. When we play this game called our lives, do we follow the rules and play the game? There are no changes from them. God I believe wants us to play the games of Marco Polo and Hide and go Seek with Him every day. Jesus is saying Marco. Jesus is the one counting. What I love about Jesus is he is listening for our replies of Polo. He is also searching for us still counting until He finds us all. Are you the blind that now see? Are you the sighted that become blind? I hope you are the first question and answer his calling. This gives me a whole lot to think about. How about you?

Be Blessed!


P.S. I used the New International Version of the Bible for my quote.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Keep Moving Forward

Recently, I watched the movie “Meet The Robinsons” with my family. I heard something in that movie that was very interesting that we all need to have as a motto in our lives in my opinion. This motto is “Keep Moving Forward” played out and believed by Lewis as a boy and others in the future. As a man, Lewis was very inspiring to his family because he never gave up on anything. When things got him down, Lewis quickly got back up trying to fix a problem with a new and better solution. This is very important for me in my life. I try to not let things get me down that much. If I do, then I pick myself up and get going again. It has been harder in recent years to do it but I keep trying. I have had so many obstacles trying to make me quit and change to what the world wants and expects of me just like Lewis in this movie. He kept telling himself to “Keep Moving Forward.” While you and I don’t have the luxury to look at our lives from the past to the present and then the future at all times like this movie in a short time to help us stay positive, God I believe has provided for us a way to stay positive. God sent his son Jesus to come show us how to be positive and then further teach us valuable parables or lessons to help us for hundreds of years. Jesus then proceeded to die on a cross and then rise from the dead three days later to help us “Keep Moving Forward” if we will just ask Him to save us and believe that He is our Lord and Savior. I am really glad that I saw this kids’ movie to help remind me that I need to “Keep Moving Forward.” My prayer is that more of you will do the same with this motto. I am not settling and I hope you are not either. The best parable I think that might apply here for this blog is found in Matthew 13:36-43. I hope that you will read this passage and let me know if you agree. If not then let me know one that is better. Thanks for reading this blog!

Be blessed,


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Worthless Worrying

How you doin'? I have heard that many times before. So how are you really doin'? I am shocked to find that there are a lot of people that are like me. I am a Worthless Worrier a lot of times. I try not to be but the world can blind me from God. It tries to tell me to worry about the next President of the United States. It tells me to worry about a job whether working 40 hours or more. It tells me that I have to have a lot of money and a significant other to be happy. The ironic thing about all of this worrying is that we all don't need to do this. God has done all that worrying for us and provided us with all the protection that we need to make it in this world. All He asks us to do it to fall in love with Him. We can do this by asking and it will be given and seek and you will find. But the most important thing in my opinion is the last which is Knock and the door will be opened for you. These three things I mention can be found in Matthew 7:7. As for dealing with Worthless Worrying. God has provided the protection for us in multiple places. But one of those for this blog I want to point to is found in Psalms 91:11. Angels have been put in charge to watch over us and protect us whereever we go. So I hope we all take heart that God is watching over us and protecting us. All he asks is three things in Matthew 7:7. Now I hope to stop being the Worthless Worrier. I hope you do too. So now I ask, How are you doing now?

Be blessed!