Sunday, February 17, 2008

Keep Moving Forward

Recently, I watched the movie “Meet The Robinsons” with my family. I heard something in that movie that was very interesting that we all need to have as a motto in our lives in my opinion. This motto is “Keep Moving Forward” played out and believed by Lewis as a boy and others in the future. As a man, Lewis was very inspiring to his family because he never gave up on anything. When things got him down, Lewis quickly got back up trying to fix a problem with a new and better solution. This is very important for me in my life. I try to not let things get me down that much. If I do, then I pick myself up and get going again. It has been harder in recent years to do it but I keep trying. I have had so many obstacles trying to make me quit and change to what the world wants and expects of me just like Lewis in this movie. He kept telling himself to “Keep Moving Forward.” While you and I don’t have the luxury to look at our lives from the past to the present and then the future at all times like this movie in a short time to help us stay positive, God I believe has provided for us a way to stay positive. God sent his son Jesus to come show us how to be positive and then further teach us valuable parables or lessons to help us for hundreds of years. Jesus then proceeded to die on a cross and then rise from the dead three days later to help us “Keep Moving Forward” if we will just ask Him to save us and believe that He is our Lord and Savior. I am really glad that I saw this kids’ movie to help remind me that I need to “Keep Moving Forward.” My prayer is that more of you will do the same with this motto. I am not settling and I hope you are not either. The best parable I think that might apply here for this blog is found in Matthew 13:36-43. I hope that you will read this passage and let me know if you agree. If not then let me know one that is better. Thanks for reading this blog!

Be blessed,



Allison said...

That's funny that you picked this parable. I believe this parable supports the idea that we will not be raptured up before the tribulation. The tares are taken first and the wheat is taken last.

Carol said...

Hey, Brad! I found you. I saw on my site meter a reference from a site I didn't recognize and it was you! Great job on the blog. You have a lot of great things to say. I loved Meet the Robinsons, too. What a great motto: Keep Moving Forward