Monday, March 30, 2009


I watched a movie this past weekend called “Knowing”. Before I went to see this movie I saw the commercials and the descriptions about it. It deals with a boy and his father finding a piece of paper with numbers all over the page. It is a code when deciphered unlocks past major events that happened all around the world and even a couple not known yet. I was not expecting a Da Vinci Code movie or Biblical film but I had hopes that some religious stuff would be in it since it deals with everybody and not just a select group or groups. When I left the movie, I was very disappointed in the outcome. I left knowing that still nothing good comes from Hollywood when it is about hopes, dreams and future events for all to see.

Why would “Knowing” be more than just entertainment? It would be good entertainment if the script had a completion and didn’t run out of steam. This movie had good action in it and was a little scary but the ending was disappointing. It ran around hoping that the last clue answered all the codes on the paper.

What is Knowing all about in our day to day lives? The word knowledge means the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association. (Merriam-Webster)

I believe knowledge is gained through factual education whether from schooling, church, reading, or life experience. Driving home after the movie, I started to think about what is important in knowing anything in life. I also further thought about why it is important to know the facts of the Bible, God and Jesus being my personal Lord and Savior. I realized two things. I think knowing anything in life is what keeps us alive and gives us a purpose. I also remember a statement that a friend of mine wrote me in a message the other day. “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others. For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” I feel that while I was disappointed in the movie “Knowing,” I am glad that I saw it for one reason. It caused me to reflect and know that God has life all mapped out for us if we will listen. Knowing this is all the “Knowing” that I will ever need. Be blessed!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Where is God?

Have you been watching the news the last few weeks and heard about the attacks on Religion? I was watching Glenn Beck on Fox News last week and he tried to have many different beliefs to address the problems he felt was really starting to get crazy and out of control. There is a law that has been passed in Connecticut that is starting to censor people’s speech when it is dealing with God. There are college students in California not allowed to pray and express their beliefs even if they are just praying for a professor’s illness.

What is going on people? Have we really stopped giving a crap about this world, culture, financial systems and so much more? It really seems to be that way everywhere I look and listen. So how dare we as mortals blame God for our problems and concerns? How dare we even have the right to ask for God to forgive us? But somehow out of my level of competence, God does give mercy to people like Barney Frank, Bernie Madoff, the Pope, and even murderers and rapists of all types.

The type of murderers and rapists are the serial ones and governments who don’t allow people to choose for themselves. Our U.S. government forces us to accept what happens from Bailouts to law changes to whatever they want to do. Does it matter how you vote every 2 and 4 years in politics? I used to believe so but now all the politicians act a like. When does God start doing things to make things better?

God makes this better when we do what he asks. This does not mean that it all comes out of the Bible either. For all of you anti-Christian types, God does talk to you every day even when you do or don’t want Him to. Where is God?

God is everywhere. Omnipresent and omniscient…. This means all knowing, all seeing and always present everywhere in the universe. How do I know this?

People get direct answering like when I need wind right now and it does at that moment. My example here would be at the end of the movie "Tommy Boy" with Chris Farley asking for the wind. The word of God as well describes Him and what he does in both Old and New Testaments in many places. He even took the form of Jesus for a time. I say all of this to say…. People, please talk with God. This means everyone including politicians, news media, murderers and rapists. God wants to hear you and talk with you. If you need an interpreter, then contact a religious person or psychologist that is educated in distinguishing the differences in everyday life and God's voice. Also what is God and what is just scientific stuff. People we really need God whether you want to accept it or not. Be real with him and he will be real to you. Be blessed!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tough Enough?

Recently, I have been reading a lot of information that several editors, agents, and publishing liaisons have recommended that I read. It has been blogs, books, e-books, and magazine articles about the craft of writing and the ways to get around the pitfalls of the publishing world. I find most of these people funny in their approach. What they all pretty much say is the same thing in slightly different ways with a different cover / presentation. I will say that I appreciate the information especially from one literary agent and one publisher that has been on both sides of the picture as a writer and editor for a publisher. I also appreciated the knowledge given by all the others willing to share and play in the sand of writing so I can better determine what the future pursuits are going to look like and save my headaches and sleepless nights.

Then I read this one blog by one literary agent and it got me really thinking. She talked about how everyone who wants to be a writer needs to adhere to the most important rule of the writing process. This rule is having a “Thick Skin.” She admitted that she is not thick skinned and neither were all but one man who commented on her blog. A ton of brick seemed to hit me at that moment with one question flashing in my brain. Why do people love to lie to themselves and others that they have it all together and really do not?

Jesus told his followers in the Scriptures of how they can know what a shepherd should look like and sound like in John 10: 1-6 and then proclaiming that he was the Good Shepherd from verses 7 to 21. Jesus proved what a thick skinned individual looks and sounds like by his actions. So why are we trying to be thick skinned and be another Jesus? Why do we need arrogant people to show they are really weak and are indeed thin skinned? The geniuses of this world have their weaknesses. The people who have had a hard time in life already know they are thin skinned so why point it out and not be positive. Being positive is not that hard. It just takes a moment in time to do it. It will make you feel better and them as well. If you don’t try being positive, then what was Jesus’ death for? Are you tough enough to be a one man show? Are you tough enough to figure out all your problems without God? Why try to do it and then realize that we are all thin skinned. Be kind one to another look at the good it does. Be blessed this week!


P.S. If you would like to read that awesome blog by that agent go here :

Also for all the people that wrote helpful books to make it easier, Thanks! Go read Acts 4:32 – 37 and remember what it says because I think it describes those people who wrote those book and might just show you a glimpse of you.