Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ransomed Dreams Book Review

In this first book of the “Defenders of Hope” Series by Amy Wallace; it starts out of the blocks on a wild ride on New Years Eve night with Gracie Lang going from happiness to fear as her life changes forever. This is just the beginning and yet the book somehow never lets off the gas that much with suspense interwoven with the romance. Mrs. Wallace’s ability to give a great show and tell performance with her stories dealing with depression and fear while finding the forgiveness, redemption through hope had me wanting more.

The problems with characters of Steven Kessler and Gracie Lang were believable that makes you want to root for them to find peace, faith, hope and love. Since this is a Christian fiction book, the faith part mixed with romance just around every corner was genuine infectious to read and sweet like dark chocolate.

If you are looking for a chick book to read, then this is not it. While this is written from a woman’s mindset, it is not overly done in its view. With Mrs. Wallace’s strong showing in her writing of faith, love and hope, she has set the bar for others to follow. Men need to read her books to appreciate a true fresh and bold approach to romantic suspense. I felt I learned something from this book as a man. I just hope that one day I can be written about in a positive way that is truth and not made up stuff to make everyone feel good. She is definitely in her comfort zone. I am looking forward to “Healing Promises”! Thank you for your Heart Chocolate Amy!

Be blessed!


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Amy Wallace said...

Thank you for this great review, Brad! I so appreciate your kind words.