Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dangerous Calling Movie Review

When you hear the phrase Christian thriller, what comes to mind? Is it suspense and horror? How can Christian and horror go together? Does that mean Satanic and Devil Worshipping? Ok, so it is not normal. This new movie from the Daws Brothers named Josh and Jeremiah (writers / directors) have made a Christian suspense thriller with a horror twist. “Dangerous Calling” takes place in a fictious small North Georgia mountain town called Willit Springs. The story is about church politics and the perversion some people have on the church’s direction from week to week. It should be safe and secure some believe. No loud rock music and no change allowed. At least that is what one character Miss Pat Hinton believes. The other two main characters, Pastor Evan and Nora Burke, deal with a new church after the mysterious death of its former pastor and how possibly we all should handle the Miss Pat’s in churches today. I felt inspired and relieved that this movie finally dealt with an issue I feel is big in the churches now despite the denomination.

The lessons taught through story progression are noteworthy for “Dangerous Calling”… so is the acting. The Daws brothers have assembled a great cast who all live near Atlanta, Georgia. The brothers not only live and shoot their projects in Georgia; it seems they like to get their talent from there also. I hope that audiences from 15 to 75 see this movie and find hope and faith in it. I really enjoyed the twists and turns throughout the screenwriting and directing and hope they are around the independent film business for a very long time producing great quality products like this movie. Their brand of skewed and mind opening views of the Christian community is refreshing and needed for a better balance of the community in the future. My rating for this project is 3 out of 4 popcorn tubs.

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