Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bailouts and Stimulation

Are you getting tired of hearing the same news stories like I am every day about bailouts and the Stimulus Package for Americans? It will help us to be better Americans the lawmakers say. It will grow the economy and even help you pay off your debts is another way it is stated. Somehow though the money never comes does it. The last stimulus package the media says helped the rich people and this one will help the selected few again called the minorities possibly or the poor. If this stimulus package gets sent out and you still get no money, what really happened? All I can say is I don’t care what you do anymore government and media. We are over taxed and underpaid.

Besides people telling our egos that you are a fool for listening, through all of this bailout and stimulus can we ever really get both of these things another way without the government’s help. I say yes. How you may ask? Have you ever gotten on your knees and prayed to God for one solid hour a day for one week? Why not? Have you done things that were easier? You know like, reading a book on how to fix all of these problems or watch an instructional video or TV show about it. Have you called a financial advisor and got an “I don’t know what to do?” If you read or watched and not got a satisfied response, I imagine in your heads it might go something like this. “If all those ideas were easy, then enough with this and then watch a movie or buy beers at a bar to drown the worries away for just a while.”

So now you are back to the prayer idea. I hope that you pray to God for an hour and then you get an answer after a week or a month of doing this. What happens might surprise you. Were you bailed out or stimulated? I say you got insights that many don’t have. Answers of prayer are miracles from God. Do you know how to make sense of them? No you might say, because I have gotten an answer or do not understand what Numbers 20:7-8 says in a prayer.

What do you do about it? Nothing? Did you go to a minister? Did you go find a Bible and do what it actually says? I challenge everyone who reads this blog and anyone you tell about this blog to do something for God. Why God? Why not? You might say, “I don’t believe God is real or God is a hoax or I am an atheist.” But did you really try? I pray that we all ask God for a bailout or stimulation in our lives. It is possible if we will only ask. Be blessed!


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Anonymous said...

Good Blog entry, Brad. I agree with you that solid prayer is the answer to our individual issues, collective prayer is our answer to the macro-issues that we are faced with today. And to predicate further, we cannot trivialize these issues because they are real and self-evident.
Funny you mention atheists at the end of your blog. I've observed that it takes much greater and stronger faith and conviction to deny there is a God than the reciprocal. Can you imagine what they could do if they were believers?