Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Take Care How You Listen

Recently, I have been pondering about ideas. When I come up with an idea is it me or is it God? Doctors say dreams are the brains way of understanding events in your life. Pastors I have heard speak say the dreams are God’s way of communicating with us. Is this all true? I have also heard it said that if you believe it it will come true! Wow that is a load statement. Can this really happen? What I find hard is when I think of something whether Godly or not, what will happen? I believe that God does exist and that he will not give you an idea unless you need it or he needs it. How do I know that he exists?

Miracles that are happening every day are one example. The events that have been written about many thousands of years ago in the Holy Bible are coming true or have been already uncovered which is another proof. Now that God is real and the inspirations that happened many years ago have become true, do inspirations still happen even today? I say yes. I believe God proves it with what he gives us to deal with and ideas if we will listen and be quiet long enough to hear Him.

How do dreams become reality? Do you act on them? If you do like me then God makes them real. But you might say I believe some idea given to me is real and I can see, feel, taste and want it so bad and I can’t take it anymore by my actions. Some wise person once asked me, “What are you not doing to make it happen?” I would say there is nothing I am not doing but I want to quit because I can’t take it anymore. He then told me, “then that is what you are not doing. You are not doing what it takes to see it through. God does not need you to achieve anything in life but instead wants you.” I have remembered those words for the last 12 years. While I forget them a lot of the times, when I do remember it makes me look at my life differently. What my dreams are telling me are God’s way of giving us glimpse of our futures and expectations. It has been tough for me though the last several years in my life and I want it to go better.

My dreams are to be a freelance writer who makes ideas in words come to life. It doesn’t matter if it is a book, a blog, a magazine article or whatever. All I want to do is do what God wants me to do. How you may ask that I know God wants me to do this? It is because I can’t stop thinking about it 95% of the time and that excites me. This is how I know that God wants me to do it. It bangs around in my head like shoes in a dryer. Some day I believe it will happen! If it doesn’t then God will make new dreams become reality. I don’t think so because I have about gone crazy on these ideas and I don’t accept it will not happen.

In Luke 8:18 Jesus said to his followers, “Therefore, take care how you listen. For whoever has, more will be given to him; and whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him.” (Holman CSB) I believe Jesus was using this example to show people that God will give what he wants you to go after and be positive. Let it shine because if not then it will go away. Dreams are not just dreams ladies and gentlemen. They are discussions to give you information to make your life right. Dreams will become reality in one way or another by either you or someone else if you do not listen to God. Are you ready? God wants us to join his loving arms and listen to you every word. Be blessed!


“The Apologetics Study Bible” by Holman Bible Publishers provided today’s scripture.

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