Friday, February 27, 2009

My Friend

Recently I have been reading different stories of very famous figures in many arenas both past and present. I read in one story about how a great General called his officers friends. He would say My Friend Rank so and so. In the Bible there were many so called friends that were actually enemies and then there were true friends that were like brothers and sisters. One example of those so called friends that were enemies was Cain and Abel. Another example of so called friends was Joseph and his brothers that fought and still are fighting over the Holy Land and Israel to this very day.

My favorite biblical so called friends are Judas and Jesus and Simon Peter and Jesus. As for friends like brothers or sisters, there are Jesus and John who then turned to a friend named Paul to carry out the many stories to be told to this very day. My favorite in this category is the relationship of Jesus and Mary his mother. They seemed like more of friends than mother and son.

What is important I believe to note in all of these examples of friends are two key points. 1. Friends mean that there is a level of trust, love/admiration, and companionship between them that says I expect that you would give your very life for me because we are friends. 2. Friends, even as enemies, understand what each of the others strengths and weaknesses are. They respect one another because of this and try to make sure each is around in the end for prosperity and good will possibly. It is definitely a love and a hate relationship because of envy perhaps.

Since I have really been looking at this theme of My Friend, I have wondered do I fit in either key point. If not then, what in the hell have I done with my life? If so then, I would hope it is number one. I have had many friends and family members to pass away recently and have felt envy for them. Don’t get me wrong I am mourning their passing. I am envying because they are definitely in a better place with no worries and pains and the crap we deal with every single day. I am looking forward to my ultimate day to go home and be with them in Heaven. I also realized with most of them quite frankly is that I am both of those key points above. Am I a “My Friend”? Are you a “My Friend”?

I will leave you with two quotes that I believe will help with those answers. “A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for a difficult time.” Proverbs 17:17

I also heard comedian Jerry Clower once say, “Friend are you ready to meet God today; because if you are not then you must climb down from this tree away from the coon up there because he’s liable to eat you alive.” Now that quote I have by Jerry Clower is actually a paraphrase from a comedy skit about one of the first ever raccoon hunts in Yahoo City, MS he went on with the Leadbetters. If you want to laugh until you cry then listen to one of those old CD’s of a great man who has now gone on to Heaven. My hope friend from all of this is, you ARE “My friend” and that you call me that as well. Be blessed!


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