Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who Needs God?

Is this an important question for each one of us? Who needs God? I am not going to have a debate on if God exists because that is not the point to this blog. I say that he does and it is important to have God on your side. You might say that no one gives anything to you and selfish actions are the only way to make it in this world.

Ok, so I don’t need God. What do I need to be happy? What do I do to be free of guilt? How can I make sense of living? I don’t know the answers to these questions and neither can you if God doesn’t exist. The Holy Bible is just a book if God is imagination. Science can have no foundations for real basis theory because we don’t know what various molecules and atoms were when this planet was made. There was not a written language many experts agree. The information presented was written down thousands of years later. Now if God is not real, then I need nothing to be happy, safe or smart. This sounds stupid you may say. Then God must exist. We need to be happy. We need to be safe and guilt free. We need answers to life. God exists and He listens to our prayers and they are answered daily. Miracles exist because of God. Inspiration happens because of God. This all leads me to 2 questions that need answers.

Why do we want to upset God and expect love, forgiveness and answers? What will it take for leaders, politicians, executives, pastors, and us to wake up or shut up for Him to give the answers to all eternal peace? If we had hope of eternal peace then it would not matter how far taxes are increased or how people must act to be perfect in this world. Yes I said it…. We have to be perfect in this world or we are failures. Why else do we work so hard and keep trying to be better to gain nothing? We do not truly gain things in this life because when we die all of this stuff is gone and just junk for others to sell at yard sales. Who needs God? I do. You do. Terrorists do. Prisoners do. Pastors do. Scientists do. Come on and join me in the Wide Awake group or Wake Up group and find peace, love, joy, and a safety net from God. Be blessed!


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Anonymous said...

If only we would all realize that getting into the word and reading the Bible daily is the only way to HEAR God. Our hope is in him, yet without learning how to be more like him, how can we expect him to do the unexpected? We (as Christians) must step up and do the expected, share his word and believe it. Be different not worldly but of God.