Saturday, January 17, 2009

And so it Begins….

Hello fellow bloggers and readers who have read this blog in the past. I am back to the writing process here on this page. I was going to submit the first blog of the new year a few days ago but I have been sick and now ready to blog away for what I feel will be a very interesting 2009. Why is it going to be interesting? Well, I can be political, philosophical or candid about it. I will give you a little of all of those. Politically, the President to be is going to be sworn in in a few days and he as you already know is black, a Democrat and in uncharted waters which makes it very historical. Philosophically speaking, Mr. Obama is in a minority position for multiple reasons. His views on society and power will be very different than most I believe. Candidly, because of the economy being the way it is and the historical move by Mr. Obama will make it an interesting year to follow both politically and economically. I also believe with all the various new things that each year brings and the shift of powers in the government will test many people’s theories that might all be proven wrong or right. Since we are starting off things fresh and new, I have decided to take a slightly different approach to this blog. I am going to continue themed blogs as in the past but have decided to also address things that are going on in the news and try to address them from God’s point of view and how that impacts us. I will hopefully show the pluses and the minuses of the issue and might even throw in a Bible verse or two that I feel might adhere to this situation. I hope that you will all want to continue reading and even add your thoughts about what I write. I also hope that you find these blogs both interesting and informative. I will try my best and pray that God can use me in the future writings. Happy New Year to you all and be blessed!


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