Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Deliver Us From Evil book review

In “Deliver Us From Evil” by Robin Caroll, the plot of U.S. Marshall Roark Holland having to transport a heart to a critical witness of a case dealing with the largest child sex trafficking ring in history is a grabbing premise. The setting, of the Great Smoky Mountains as a backdrop during a blizzard, is filled with high energy throughout and this could also be another attention getter. Robin Caroll’s beautiful descriptions and story telling is magic. She has twists and turns, likable characters, and a little bit of romance for all to enjoy.

Why should men want to read this female author? The tastefully done suspense scenes with exploding elevators and gun violence taking you from Point A to Point B in Knoxville, Tennessee in one piece, hopefully is a first reason why. Another reason is how Roark works with a strong female character Brannon Callahan. She is a helicopter pilot for the U.S. Forestry Service and a real professional. They become attracted to one another and this is played out well. The borderline descriptions of what child sex trafficking looks like and how males and females deal with it, made me as a reader also interested in the storyline.

What makes this a Christian book? God is questioned, shown and called upon through various characters in this story. Brannon Callahan and her partner, Lincoln Vailes, are very good friends who happen to be coworkers. In many scenes with them, glimpses of God are told the best as they quiz each others knowledge of scripture.

I give this book a 3 ½ out of 4 stars and a rating of PG-13 for the content discussed. This book is for those wanting to escape into great storytelling. I hope you pick up a copy and enjoy it as I did.

Be blessed!


By the way, This book does not come out until February 2010.

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