Friday, February 27, 2009

My Friend

Recently I have been reading different stories of very famous figures in many arenas both past and present. I read in one story about how a great General called his officers friends. He would say My Friend Rank so and so. In the Bible there were many so called friends that were actually enemies and then there were true friends that were like brothers and sisters. One example of those so called friends that were enemies was Cain and Abel. Another example of so called friends was Joseph and his brothers that fought and still are fighting over the Holy Land and Israel to this very day.

My favorite biblical so called friends are Judas and Jesus and Simon Peter and Jesus. As for friends like brothers or sisters, there are Jesus and John who then turned to a friend named Paul to carry out the many stories to be told to this very day. My favorite in this category is the relationship of Jesus and Mary his mother. They seemed like more of friends than mother and son.

What is important I believe to note in all of these examples of friends are two key points. 1. Friends mean that there is a level of trust, love/admiration, and companionship between them that says I expect that you would give your very life for me because we are friends. 2. Friends, even as enemies, understand what each of the others strengths and weaknesses are. They respect one another because of this and try to make sure each is around in the end for prosperity and good will possibly. It is definitely a love and a hate relationship because of envy perhaps.

Since I have really been looking at this theme of My Friend, I have wondered do I fit in either key point. If not then, what in the hell have I done with my life? If so then, I would hope it is number one. I have had many friends and family members to pass away recently and have felt envy for them. Don’t get me wrong I am mourning their passing. I am envying because they are definitely in a better place with no worries and pains and the crap we deal with every single day. I am looking forward to my ultimate day to go home and be with them in Heaven. I also realized with most of them quite frankly is that I am both of those key points above. Am I a “My Friend”? Are you a “My Friend”?

I will leave you with two quotes that I believe will help with those answers. “A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for a difficult time.” Proverbs 17:17

I also heard comedian Jerry Clower once say, “Friend are you ready to meet God today; because if you are not then you must climb down from this tree away from the coon up there because he’s liable to eat you alive.” Now that quote I have by Jerry Clower is actually a paraphrase from a comedy skit about one of the first ever raccoon hunts in Yahoo City, MS he went on with the Leadbetters. If you want to laugh until you cry then listen to one of those old CD’s of a great man who has now gone on to Heaven. My hope friend from all of this is, you ARE “My friend” and that you call me that as well. Be blessed!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Jesus Wept

Jesus Wept. Short and simple statement if you want to call it one. So what does that mean? Is it just to say Jesus wept and nothing more? It is short and sweet all wrapped in a box. It is called the shortest verse in all of the Holy Bible. So why did Jesus cry? Does it really matter to know this fact in history? What about other facts in history? Are they important and matter to be known? The shortest statement of Jesus Wept is an amazing example, I believe, to show how simple life really is and yet complicated at the same time.

Why does the legal system make things so complicated every day? Why do lawmakers really not care about the American people in Washington, D.C. and pad their own pockets with pork? Does anyone in life have the right to make things so complicated and morally unfair to another human being? Are Environmentalists important and do they care since they try to make things greener? What have been the conclusions to their agenda? All that I see is complex nothing. Gas prices have gone so high that it is one of the reasons why the economic system world wide has broken down so we can’t even pay the low stuff now.

How do I know this? It has been one of the indicators watched very carefully before the Wall Street / Economic bust. The ice caps have not melted recently but indeed grown. No Environmental group wants to admit that and that is a shame. No one wants to stick their necks out these days to predict what will happen with the economy or the housing market or you name it. Why? Complex maybe?

Now that Washington doesn’t know and the environmentalists don't know, what is the simple solution? Jesus wept and died for all people in this world whether they want to admit it or not. Jesus is the simple solution. Pray to God for forgiveness and see what happens. It’s ok and no one needs to know but God. Jesus wept is a simple statement and the shortest verse in the Bible for a reason.

Remember KISS in school? Keep it short and simple! Why do people want to always forget that? Obama doesn’t have the answers to all our problems. Bush did not either. Why do we look to Politicians and business people for answers? They keep getting us in deeper troubles. You can not serve both God and money. God wants to help so why not ask? Jesus wept, I believe, for all He saw then and for future events and still died to save the world. If you want to discuss this blog then email me or reply with your thoughts. Be blessed!



Ok I am decided to start something a new here on my blog and will do this from time to time. It may be monthly at first but can be more often based on request and demand. If there is a movie that you would like reviewed from a Christian perspective or a family rating then by all means e-mail me or respond to this blog with the title and how soon. If it is really quick like a day or two before your viewing it then provide an e-mail address so I can just directly contact you. Now on with my first review….

Oversold is a new independent movie from SUMOJACK and Elevation Church which is directed by Paul Morrell. This movie is a live adaptation of the biblical story of Hosea. It is a story about a young man Joshua that is a pastor of a church and is confront with sin and persecution right in his face. Joshua meets a stripper while visiting Las Vegas on a vacation one week from his church. The stripper Sophi is not what she wants to be and yet is what she had to be for many years. Joshua spends a lot of time with her and they fall in love and get married. In an alarming set of real world events and behavior shows the raw emotions of people and how they deal with sin from multiple sides. This is a great story of redemption and grace. The music is a great touch for the movie as well with familiar voices that people may have heard on the radio. Jill Phillips and Sunshop23 are just two acts that have appearances with their music in this film.

Oversold is a movie that I would recommend to anyone for a cheap yet good entertainment value. I give this movie 3 ½ popcorn tubs out of 4. I hope that future productions from SUMOJACK are an impact and even better going forward. Be blessed!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Take Care How You Listen

Recently, I have been pondering about ideas. When I come up with an idea is it me or is it God? Doctors say dreams are the brains way of understanding events in your life. Pastors I have heard speak say the dreams are God’s way of communicating with us. Is this all true? I have also heard it said that if you believe it it will come true! Wow that is a load statement. Can this really happen? What I find hard is when I think of something whether Godly or not, what will happen? I believe that God does exist and that he will not give you an idea unless you need it or he needs it. How do I know that he exists?

Miracles that are happening every day are one example. The events that have been written about many thousands of years ago in the Holy Bible are coming true or have been already uncovered which is another proof. Now that God is real and the inspirations that happened many years ago have become true, do inspirations still happen even today? I say yes. I believe God proves it with what he gives us to deal with and ideas if we will listen and be quiet long enough to hear Him.

How do dreams become reality? Do you act on them? If you do like me then God makes them real. But you might say I believe some idea given to me is real and I can see, feel, taste and want it so bad and I can’t take it anymore by my actions. Some wise person once asked me, “What are you not doing to make it happen?” I would say there is nothing I am not doing but I want to quit because I can’t take it anymore. He then told me, “then that is what you are not doing. You are not doing what it takes to see it through. God does not need you to achieve anything in life but instead wants you.” I have remembered those words for the last 12 years. While I forget them a lot of the times, when I do remember it makes me look at my life differently. What my dreams are telling me are God’s way of giving us glimpse of our futures and expectations. It has been tough for me though the last several years in my life and I want it to go better.

My dreams are to be a freelance writer who makes ideas in words come to life. It doesn’t matter if it is a book, a blog, a magazine article or whatever. All I want to do is do what God wants me to do. How you may ask that I know God wants me to do this? It is because I can’t stop thinking about it 95% of the time and that excites me. This is how I know that God wants me to do it. It bangs around in my head like shoes in a dryer. Some day I believe it will happen! If it doesn’t then God will make new dreams become reality. I don’t think so because I have about gone crazy on these ideas and I don’t accept it will not happen.

In Luke 8:18 Jesus said to his followers, “Therefore, take care how you listen. For whoever has, more will be given to him; and whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him.” (Holman CSB) I believe Jesus was using this example to show people that God will give what he wants you to go after and be positive. Let it shine because if not then it will go away. Dreams are not just dreams ladies and gentlemen. They are discussions to give you information to make your life right. Dreams will become reality in one way or another by either you or someone else if you do not listen to God. Are you ready? God wants us to join his loving arms and listen to you every word. Be blessed!


“The Apologetics Study Bible” by Holman Bible Publishers provided today’s scripture.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bailouts and Stimulation

Are you getting tired of hearing the same news stories like I am every day about bailouts and the Stimulus Package for Americans? It will help us to be better Americans the lawmakers say. It will grow the economy and even help you pay off your debts is another way it is stated. Somehow though the money never comes does it. The last stimulus package the media says helped the rich people and this one will help the selected few again called the minorities possibly or the poor. If this stimulus package gets sent out and you still get no money, what really happened? All I can say is I don’t care what you do anymore government and media. We are over taxed and underpaid.

Besides people telling our egos that you are a fool for listening, through all of this bailout and stimulus can we ever really get both of these things another way without the government’s help. I say yes. How you may ask? Have you ever gotten on your knees and prayed to God for one solid hour a day for one week? Why not? Have you done things that were easier? You know like, reading a book on how to fix all of these problems or watch an instructional video or TV show about it. Have you called a financial advisor and got an “I don’t know what to do?” If you read or watched and not got a satisfied response, I imagine in your heads it might go something like this. “If all those ideas were easy, then enough with this and then watch a movie or buy beers at a bar to drown the worries away for just a while.”

So now you are back to the prayer idea. I hope that you pray to God for an hour and then you get an answer after a week or a month of doing this. What happens might surprise you. Were you bailed out or stimulated? I say you got insights that many don’t have. Answers of prayer are miracles from God. Do you know how to make sense of them? No you might say, because I have gotten an answer or do not understand what Numbers 20:7-8 says in a prayer.

What do you do about it? Nothing? Did you go to a minister? Did you go find a Bible and do what it actually says? I challenge everyone who reads this blog and anyone you tell about this blog to do something for God. Why God? Why not? You might say, “I don’t believe God is real or God is a hoax or I am an atheist.” But did you really try? I pray that we all ask God for a bailout or stimulation in our lives. It is possible if we will only ask. Be blessed!