Monday, March 10, 2008

When Is Enough Really Enough

I have heard the phrases “Enough is Enough” and “Enough with that nonsense” all my life. Why is it that those phrases are so shallow. When I hear Enough is Enough it makes me laugh today. Parents make idle threats of taking their children to the car 14 times and never do it. Parents also threatened to punish them but end up bribing them with toys or food to make them behave better. Why do we want to say things we don’t mean and Act without purpose? Is it because we have not learned pride and humility within ourselves or have we become idolators of ourselves? I have realized that we as humans are guilty of both. How do we fix this? I believe it is slowly done by following a few steps. I found some of those understandings in the following verses: Colossians 3:2-4 talks about setting our minds on the things not of this earth and focus on Christ who has died for our sins and helps us through all things. Further down in this chapter in verses 9 and 10 it tells us to not lie to each other. I believe humility can also be learned in another great book in the Bible called Romans. In chapter 12 verses 1-3, it teaches we are to try and be pleasing to God in all that we do and that no one is better than another. I must confess that this part is very hard for me to attune to and live out a lot of days. I look most of the time at the wrongs people do to me and that I am better than them because I am a Christian and what talents I bring make me the best for a job or a position. Of course when I am so narrow focused, I forget that I can always be replaced in anything I do and God can show me my faults. I have to do self evaluations and God always seems to remind me to be humble and I am only as good as He allows me to proceed. It is true I believe “Pride does come before the fall.” In the last few years I have realized the humor in situations like Parents with little children for example. I am glad that I do not have that responsibility to discipline children since I seem to be disciplining myself every time I forget humility and place idols of me before God. I am glad I know what “Enough is Enough” means and that God has not had enough yet for me to continue to grow. I hope that we all can learn from these words in the Bible. So what do you think about that?

Be blessed!


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Allison said...

You are right. We are all servants. As Butch was explaining in Sunday School this past week. God is #1 and everyone else is #2.