Monday, March 17, 2008

Good Points and Bad Points

So I recently decided to go down the road of real self evaluation. The only evaluation many people say that best helps you is with yourself…. You know the Good points and Bad Points about yourself stuff. Who was it that decided that this is the best approach to helping you? I say it is stupid because you have to tear yourself down just to try building it back up again. Then I started reading this book called “Me, Myself and Bob” that a friend of mine let me borrow. While I am not finished with it, I realized something about that book. It was making me think about me. Phil Vischer writes about how he tried to make something out of his imagination. I find it interesting that how even though my friend had some idea that I was trying to write a book out of my imagination, he didn’t know how it would impact me to realize things in my own life were going. How I have tried and tried to make a mark in this world. But somehow in my crazy mind, people think that I make more mistakes I feel than progress. They say I have no plans for the way my life should go. While that may be true, I would say that I have tried to make many goals in my life that have either failed in the beginning or down the road a piece to help me learn and try something new and imaginative. I find it harder and harder to keep picking myself up whether from my own bonehead mistakes or outside factors. I have realized that my crazy mind can make up much of things that may skew my reality. Phil Vischer talks about in his book how he had no money, no connections and no clues what he was getting himself into. While I mirror that thought recently in my life, I started writing down my list called Good Points / Bad Points. This list scary enough, since this might be the fifth or sixth draft I have made to this list since I first wrote one down in high school around 20 years ago, showed some same appearances that were bad about myself still there 20 years later. I am happy to say there were a few more good points I have written down about my accomplishments and behavior. Somehow though, I feel more focused on the bad things instead of looking at the good things. I was reading in my quiet time on March 7, 2008 the book of Isaiah in the 24th chapter about how he saw the world then and for the future. What I understand and makes me feel better is that there were those many years ago like Isaiah, Job and others dealing with very hard life decisions and actions toward them that made them question and still seek God like me. Isaiah writes how all he can see is doom, doom and more doom. The word of God or also known as the Holy Bible is filled with many truths and assistances for even today’s problems that were written thousands of years ago. In the version of the Bible called the Message, I found a very compelling story of the Earth’s future back then. Isaiah wrote, I believe because of this story in Chapter 24, all of his good points and bad points in later chapters. I am glad to know that I have made progress with a longer Good points list. Now I wonder what book by someone best fit you. What are your Good Points / Bad Points lists telling you as well? I hope you find peace with it. As for that friend who pointed me to that book by Phil Vischer which is a story about dreams and God, I say thank you.

Be blessed!


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