Thursday, May 13, 2010

“Live Fast Die Young” Movie Review


At an exclusive Hollywood party on Christmas Eve, an A-list star dies of an apparent overdose. A detective holds a protesting core group of Hollywood insiders for questioning. The group, consisting of an A-list director, a top agent, a movie star, a media mogul, a writer, a wannabe actress, a studio head, and others, begins a deep and profound discussion on the meaning of life, including the existence of God.


A few weeks ago, I was looking for a new Christian movie at my local Family Christian Bookstore. I have not bought a Christian movie in a while. As I decide for something, I try to find stories that stand out with interesting plots or great market catches. For this movie, I saw on the cover, # 1 Christian movie in theaters after “Fireproof.” This was interesting because I never saw a trailer for it before and it was not on at the local theaters. I should know, because I really look for Christian movies and see them in the theater if I can. Also on the DVD, I read it was from the director of “The Genius Club” and felt that was a good movie.

As I started to watch this movie, I felt uncomfortable during the first 25 minutes. It started slow, predictable and rather cheesy. The story dealt with too many minor details working up to the pivotal moment at an exclusive Hollywood party one night. This is not what I want to see at the theater much less on DVD. Was writer/director Tim Chey letting me down? Why he decided to start the movie or for that matter write the script so cheesy knowing he has done better work was disappointing. At the 26th minute, the film seemed to begin. There was maturity in the writing and the storytelling both visually and through the acting. The movie is about trying to be successful, famous and acknowledged in the Hollywood circles.

The story has the proverbial director, producer, famous celebrity, wannabe celebrities, writers, agents, etc… While no one should be shocked at how the director, producer, and media mogul act arrogantly, I do like how we get to see behind their masks as well as the masks of other characters in the movie. This opportunity is provided when the exclusive Hollywood party’s pivotal moments occur. A new A-list actress starring in her first feature film dies of an apparent overdose of drugs. The detective in charge of this case decides that he needs to hold everyone at the party for questioning for 6 hours.

As the night unfolds while everyone is questioned, the masks that each of the characters have are removed one at a time showing their raw emotions. Many issues such as suicide, abuse, fear, pride, and the seven deadly sins are discussed. One subject discussed the most however is Jesus Christ.

A likeable actor among the group discusses his recent conversion to Christianity and how that one decision has made his future better forever. Live Fast Die Young is a funny, heartwarming movie that provides hope, faith and facing the undeniable truth in full High Definition.

This is not the # 1 Christian movie after “Fireproof” in my opinion but, it is in the top 5 and Why? God is discussed and this is rare in Christian movies. I like how the discussions and questions raised give not only the characters on the screen something to learn and take away but for the viewers as well. I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

Be blessed!


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