Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Forsaken by James David Jordan Book Review

Have you ever started reading a book and realized at some point, usually about half way, that it is a sequel or Book 2 of an author’s series? Does it make you feel empty or feel like you are missing something? When I read Double Cross by James David Jordan a few months ago, I realized pretty quick that this was a continuation story in a series. I didn’t know at the time as to how many in the series there were. This did not matter when I finished it because I loved the story and the interplay with the characters of Kacey Mason, daughter of Evangelist Simon Mason, and the main character of Taylor Pasbury.

After I finished the story, I searched for previous works by Mr. Jordan and wanted to see how the back-story unfolded. To my delight, I discovered Forsaken was the only other book in this series when I went to get it from my local library. ** Side note: You would be amazed at how many Christian fiction books you can find at your local library that you can check out for free. **

As I started reading this book, I was filled with excitement to discover Taylor Pasbury’s adventures dealing with Evangelist Simon Mason. Simon, in Forsaken, had to face a faith defining moment after the kidnapping of his 20 year old daughter Kacey. He called on Taylor, a former Secret Service agent, for help after receiving death threats while in Chicago.

The past history Taylor Pasbury had with her Dad becomes more in focus as she deals with Kacey’s kidnapping and ultimately her own emotions developing for Simon Mason until the end.

I believe that James David Jordan is now added to my list of favorite male authors. I am glad that Christian fiction is gaining more men that many can turn to and feel good about reading. I hope that as you look for your next suspense book; give James David Jordan a try. I give this book Forsaken a 5 out of 5 stars. It kept me wanting to come back for more.

Be blessed!