Sunday, August 31, 2008

The New Season

Hello fellow bloggers! I am back for "The New Season" of blogging. I have titled this blog "The New Season" because I believe that is what I feel like I am in for my life and that seems to parallel with the fall time of the year, school now beginning everywhere and college football. I have a nephew that is starting a new season in his life this Tuesday as well. He is starting preschool and this is the first time that he will be away from his mamma when it does not mean she is working and Nana is at his house taking care of him and his sisters. I know that he might have some concerns as does his mamma in the beginning but this made me realize a couple of things recently that deals with a new season and uncertainties. I am in a uncertain time in my life after finishing in rough drafts, waiting on final approval from my editor, my first ever book I have written for many to hopefully read. I began this journey of the unknown and writing for a potential career a little over a year ago and the "New Season" has had some bumps and confusions but I know that ultimately I will be ok. I learned this because of a passage I found in the Bible. I think this can apply to me, my nephew and any new Christian that is starting out in this crazy world or trying to survive in it. It is found in Luke 2:40. It says "The boy grew up and became strong, filled with wisdom, and God's grace was on Him." I believe because of this verse, it shows that not only with my nephew starting his new season will be fine but so will I. God's grace is on him, me and you if you want Him there. So now I am glad to be in this "New Season." I hope that with God's grace, I will be something mighty someday just like I hope the same for my nephew. God bless Isaiah and to you all too!


By the way, the little boy in that verse grew up to be known as the Savior of the world called Jesus. That is awesome and brings a smile to my face!